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Welcome to SkyTravelLine  a service provided by (SkyTravelLine.com") through which you can access and receive  news and information on travel, traditional airline and low-cost flights and other travel offers. The website allows you to search for and find air tickets, compare and process your reservations, and make ticket purchase orders with major airlines.

We ask you to carefully read  and, before making a booking with us, accept  the following terms and conditions (the "T&C") that govern the service (the "Service") that Skytravelline.com makes available on www.Skytravelline.com (the "Website").  Skytravelline.com reserves the right to modify the T&C without notice when such modifications become necessary due to, without limitation, changes in market conditions, changes in rules and regulations, or modifications to the risk factors associated with  Skytravelline.com's provision of the Service through the Website. If you wish to take full advantage of the Service and be regularly informed about travel news, traditional airline and low-cost flights, the various travel offers available, you may subscribe, by entering your full and accurate personal information.

Please take into account that your access and use of the Website requires your acceptance of the T&C. By continuing to access and/or use the Website, you are deemed to have accepted the T&C. 



The User represents and warrants that all personal data and information provided during the registration process is up to date, complete, accurate and true. The User undertakes to communicate to Skytravelline.com any changes of his/her personal data in a timely manner.

The User authorizes Skytravelline.com to verify the accuracy of the personal data, and any other information it provides to Skytravelline.com, and undertakes to cooperate with Skytravelline.com during such verification process.


Once the registration process is adequately completed, the User will be able to fully access Skytravelline.com's Service, which includes: (i) information, updates and news feeds on travel, traditional airline and low-cost flights and offers by the main travel operators; (ii) the use of Skytravelline.com's search engine to look for information on tickets and offers from airlines while comparing the different options; and (iii) to use, by means of a license., Skytravelline.com’s software application which allows the User to directly process a reservation and ticket purchase order, without the need of making another connection to any third party websites.


The User can freely visit the Website and use its functionality for personal, not commercial, use only.  When doing a search in the search engine, making reservations or processing purchase orders, the User recognises and states that they are acting in a purely personal capacity.

While searching or processing reservations and/or purchase orders, the User uses the web application by means of a non-exclusive and temporary license, granted for the time of the operation.  This web application allows the User to process, easily and directly, their requests without having to make an additional parallel connection to the website of the provider of the service the User is interested in booking.

The User is not allowed to modify, reuse, copy, distribute, transmit, reproduce, publish, grant license or use, create derived tasks or jobs, transfer or sell, or in any case, make any commercial use or any use that is not personal in nature of the information, news, content, software and systems, or products obtained or made available to the User through the Website and the use of the Service.

To be able to use the functions of the Website, the User must have an internet connection, which they must procure at their own expense from a reliable provider.  Skytravelline.com is not liable for any damages to the User's hardware that may be caused, directly or indirectly, by the internet connection.

User is not allowed to book flights beyond 90 days from current date.


The User undertakes to use the Website, its functions and the Service for lawful purposes and according to the present T&C. Particularly, the User undertakes neither to send or spread, through the Website and its functions, illicit, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, abusive or disturbing content, nor to use the Website and its functions to perform any acts which could cause damage to the image and reputation of Skytravelline.com or any other loss or damage to Skytravelline.com.

Moreover, the User undertakes not to send advertising materials, undesirable and/or unsolicited communications which could interfere with the functionality and/or the use of the Website by third parties.


The User acknowledges and recognizes that all information, data, software, content, music, sounds, photographs and images, video and any other content on the Website (the "Content") are the exclusive property of Skytravelline.com and its license holders.

With the exception of using the application as stated in section 3, the User does not acquire any rights on the Content and/or the Website, the only right being the right to use the Website according to these T&C.

The User is authorised to print and/or download the Content (including the T&C) only for personal use.

The User also has the right, only upon express written request sent via email, to obtain a correction of any defective or inaccurate personal information or to obtain its deletion, within the limits provided by law. In addition, in order to no longer receive the commercial and promotional offers sent by email from the Data Controller, as well as exercising the rights mentioned above, the User can also follow the simple procedure activated by the “unsubscribe” link available in all commercial communications sent by the Data Controller.